From the recording Big City Lights

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written by Bryan Fox
Produced by Malcolm Springer at Soundstage Studios, Nashville.


Country Slow
Bryan Fox
She said everything is over
found out just last week
head is spinning never winning
aint had time to think
Happy hour's over
I ain't had near enough to drink
she said just you give it
a New York minute
and you'll be over this
But I think time
is moving bout country slow
feeling river bottom low
my heart feels rain
and it seems these days
that I'm driving down a country road
singing sad songs I know
I'll get over you
but time's moving country slow
I'm swaying on this barstool
though the night has just begun
aint felt so down since Earnhardt
passed away in o 1
Seems I'm always crashing in a race
I've never won
Time will heal it if the good Lord wills it
but it ain't happening to me