From the recording Big City Lights

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written by Bryan Fox
Produced by Malcolm Springer at Soundstage Studios in Nashville


Driving down the road
got miles to go
but with this load
I'm taking my time
I got a lady by my side
I found hitching a ride
that was standing by the county line
she said
Hi my name is Joni and I'm
going to California
my friends say I should be a star
I said hop in the cab
I got a load in the back
we should be in California tomorrow
She said
Bye Bye
this ol'life
Hello to Hollywood
want out of these jeans
and to buy nice things
working life is much
too hard

Driving down the road
just a mile to go
before we see the Cali sign
but driving without Joni
is gonna be so lonely
and hard to get her off my mind
I didn't know what to think
when she put on some Hank
and then knew the words by heart
If you know what I mean
she was a dixieland dream
but now its time to be apart